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Preferred Vendors

*Surcharge may be applied for use of non-preferred vendors.*



Welcome to The New LaNeve’s

Preferred Vendor List


Congratulations! This is such an exciting time! We promise you that you’ve come to the right place! Once you’ve selected the perfect venue now it’s time to think about the right professionals for your event! We are here to help.

Here at the New LaNeve’s we have house specialists to ensure your every desire.


Katherine Rodriguez is our in-house wedding and event coordinator. Her direct extension is 862-248-3150. Please contact her immediately for a consultation.

Here is a list of our preferred vendors.

You can contact them directly.

Outside vendors are a $100 per vendor fee and proof of insurance must be submitted to


Any questions you may contact our Venue Hostess,

Yolanda LaRosa at 201-421-7047.

For more vendors please go to our website

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Hall Rental Supplies Katherine Rodriquez -  862-248-3150

hall rental supplies -  Instagram or Facebook

Rosario DJ’s - 973-616-1982


DJ EDDIE Loquisimo 862-264-3897

Palermo Bakery 201-641-1654

Sam the Limo Man - 973-782-3484

Unique Limo - 973-592-1722

UPS Store North Haledon - 973-238-1500

Abbey Bella Fairytales - 908-884-3039

Codio Cigars 973-405-7838

Jamie Santiago Photography and video -  973-725-9659


Ephrain PHOTO - 973-405-3747


Miguel Pichardo Photography - 

Liberty Travel Debbie Anfuso  - 973-628-8650

Hilton Hotel Wayne, Hamburg Turnpike,

*Holiday Inn - Totowa 973-785-3735*

Residence INN -  973-872-7100

                                      Malzone Tuxedos - 973-942-4909

Tony Conte Tuxedos 973-427-9454

Hair -  Daisy 973-870-1176

Lucy Get Beauty Pro - 973-910-7788

The "NEW" La Neve's Banquets

276 Belmont Ave, Haledon, NJ

(973) 790-7105

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