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Middle Eastern Menu

All meals prepared by an authentic Arabic Chef Bessie of Syria.
Please ask banquet manager for any dietary substitutions.

Pita and potato Arabic Salad, Fattoush, Tabouleh, Greek Salad

Cold Meza
Hummus, Kibbe Nayee, Grapeleaves, Feta cheese

Hot Meza
Freekeh, Spinach Pies, Meat Pies, Fried Calf Liver, Falafel

Kefta Kebab, Chicken Francese, Broiled Tilapia, Lamb Chops, Filet Mignon and lobster tail

Fresh fruit Display, Assorted Middle Eastern Pastries

Sheet cake available

All beverages, non-alcoholic sodas, coffee, tea included

The "NEW" La Neve's Banquets

276 Belmont Ave, Haledon, NJ

(973) 790-7105

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